Orgone Energy In Recent History

Wilhelm Reich

Back in the 1950's, a Physician named Wilhelm Reich coined the phrase 'Orgone' energy and described it as the 'life force energy expressed as sexual energy'. He became interested in this field of study while he was a student of the famous Psychologist, Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud had already developed the idea of 'Libidinal energy', the energy expressed from the ‘Libido’, (a word he borrowed from the Latin, meaning ‘lust’ or ‘desire’), and described this energy as a 'Psychic field'. Reich simply expounded on Freud's idea and through his research, discovered that this energy could also be measured with instruments such as the oscillograph.

The Orgone Craze

Since that time in the late 1950's, the hype over this so-called 'newfound energy' has been increasingly intense and there have been a multitude of products that have popped up on the scene alleging to emanate this energy for numerous purposes, such as the following:






"Infuses Life-force within the immune system and the physical body; increasing the overall energy levels and thereby the functionality of the mind and the body."


ORGONE CHIPS Energy Savings: "Orgone works by conserving power through Negative Entropy... Less (energy) gets away and more output is produced for the exact same energy input."  Chips recommended for a 2-3 bedroom home: 50


HARMONIZING CONE "Provides a more homogeneous transmission of positive
orgone energy into its surrounding environment."


ORGONE PYRAMIDS "A powerful Space Enhancer for your home or office.
Placed at the four corners of your home as four uardians,
the whole area will be covered and protected."


ORGONE BLASTERS "Crashes UFO's." "Orgone to aliens is like garlic to vampires. It destroys them. WE CAN DESTROY THEM! By disseminating orgone throughout our towns, cities, states, and country we can make our land, air, and water uninhabitable for them! We can annihilate them by the millions!" 12-Pack of 3oz Blasters



"Accumulates life energy naturally to stimulate the body's own
relaxation response and impart a greater bioenergetic charge to relieve stress, create a sense of well-being, repair cellular damage, ease pain, recharge the immune system, and restore vitality." One 54 x 60 blanket.


And the list goes on and on.

Orgone Energy Has Attracted ThousandsOrgone, like any 'new' technology, has attracted thousands of individuals seeking a respite from the mundane, seemingly offered by the temporary distraction of such a technology. True to form, the masses have flocked to take advantage of the alleged benefits of this 'energy' like bees to honey. And, like so many other novelties, have been quick to spend their hard-earned money in hopes that the alleged benefits are legitimate, without first investigating them for themselves.

Unfortunately, this is the hasty response hoped for by so many merchants in our commercial world that the Bible refers to as 'Mystery Babylon'; a system of buying and selling that is legally referred to as...Intercourse. It is also the response hoped for by those groups, which are fostering the interest in this energy.

These same groups have also constructed the platform of e-commerce through which this technology is sold widescale throughout the world. They understand, full-well, that the energy emitted by Orgone is not at all what it appears to be in the eyes of the unwitting public, but rather, a catalytic force which has fueled their agenda for thousands of years and one that they are nurturing in order to facilitate their unrighteous plans for generations to come. These facts beg several questions:

1) Is there a hidden hand at work?
 What is their agenda?
3) H
ow is this agenda propelled by the use of Orgone Energy?

I am going to provide you with viable answers to these questions and many more that you will find nowhere else on the planet, that come from many years of indepth research, but first, some information about who I am.

Some Personal Background

Dr. Scott McQuateMy name is Dr. Scott mcQuate and I am a published author, intrepid researcher, lecturer and exegete (I uncover the truth hidden beneath ancient languages). I've been on dozens of radio shows across the world and my first book, Blueprint For Bondage is now read in over 40 countries.

In late 2008 I was the featured guest on one of the most popular, well-known, worldwide radio/tv shows in the world today. The show was slated for one hour, but we did it for more than three. The show was so well-received that they had me back on by popular demand as the first guest of 2009, (which, they said is a very unusual occurrence for that program), and we ended up doing three shows all together. This is just one example of the response that comes from my research because it is highly-unique and resonates with those that are hungry for truth. (And I didn't even talk about the exciting information about Orgone Energy in this book. This is information that has never been released before and will shake your paradigm.)

I grew up in a religious home and most of my education followed suit. All through my undergraduate studies and even into my PhD, I was bothered by one question that has brought me to the place I am today; why couldn't the Teachers, Pastors and University Professors answer the tough questions? I remember asking myself, if they can't answer these all-important questions after all of their education, what good has it done them? There is no worse feeling than to sit in the front row of your classes with the best of intentions and be let down over and over with one weak answer after another to the questions that you thought were very important. (And it's even more difficult when you see everyone around you accepting those answers as the truth!)

Can you relate?

If you're like most people who are serious about finding the truth, whether it's about Orgone Energy or anything else, you've read books, or listened to interviews and set your DVR to record anything remotely related to your topic of interest and yet you've just not felt like any of the answers satisfy that deep, abiding hunger for truth.Am I right? This is because people like you crave real answers and you've got a truth meter embedded in the middle of your brain that acts like a BS detector that gives you that sinking feeling when the 'scholars' start to spew their rhetoric. You know what I mean. I'm sure you do. It's the 'oh, here we go again with the disinformation or propoganda nonsense,' and you think to yourself, 'how many different ways can these people 'wrap up' the same old lies?!

I feel your frustration.

Seriously. I would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than lies, especially lies told behind the smile of a trusted 'expert' or under the guise of truth. It's not only frustrating, but immoral and a bit condescending, isn't it?

Just hang on a little while longer, those days are over.

My Committment

Committed To The TruthBack in the year 2000, I had reached my limit. I had gotten the 'there are some things we're just not supposed to know' answer for the last time from supposed 'scholars' and 'professors' who I had trusted to provide answers for many years. Realizing I had wasted many years and feeling like a hound that had spent too much time barking up the wrong tree, because that's what he'd been told to do, I embarked on a personal journey into the truth and committed to finding it. To begin my journey, I did something that you might think is a little strange, or maybe not. I fasted and prayed for 3 solid days. I drank water, but ate nothing. During that 3 day period I asked for wisdom to find the truth and to be able to teach it to others, so they too, could be free from the lies and rhetoric and be able to make choices based on that truth.

Since that time, my life has been absolutely a truth-seekers dream. I am not kidding. I compare it to a Steven Spielberg movie on steroids when it comes to the excitement I've experienced and the high-caliber truth I've uncovered and have been able to share with others through my books, seminars and private Learning Network called The Inner Circle.

And I'm talking serious, mind-blowing truth that is literally not available anywhere else on the planet. At least not to the public. It may be locked up in the Vatican library or buried in some Freemasonic chamber somewhere, but I've looked and my members have looked and it's nowhere to be found. (I've even spoken at length with several high-ranking Freemasons who are blown away by what I've found...and they've never heard it before.)

So, how have I found it?

That's the incredible thing. In the ancient texts, the teachers like 'Jesus' and others talk about the truth coming to those who have 'eyes to see' and 'ears to hear' but only through a lot of hard work described as asking, seeking and knocking; and now I know exactly what they mean. You see, the truth has always been there but it's been intentionally hidden beneath many layers of language and behind a false context for literally thousands of years. It just needed to be dug up, like a buried the truth about Orgone Energy. And that's precisely what I've done.

I Am A Treasure Hunter

Hunting For Hidden TreasureMore specifically, I hunt ancient treasure for you. I have spent literally tens of thousands of hours and more than a decade with my 'shovels' of Lexicons and 'pick axes' of etymological dictionaries to dig into the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and other ancient languages, including the oldest of all written languages; the Sumerian Cuneiform. And in doing so have found a treasure-trove of truth.

Ready for a secret?

This is the reason I know the answer to what Orgone Energy truly is as well as the real, viable, synapse-sizzling answers to many other ancient questions: I've discovered an exegetical secret that allows me to uncover answers to the deepest questions missed by the Scholars for literally thousands of years.

The Secret

The Secret To Uncovering The LanguageThe principals of exegesis they use are known as Hermeneutics. Unbeknownst to them, those principals are based on Hermes, the figure also known as Mercury, Toth or Ham, upon whom secret societies like Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism are based. By using those principals, they are left with only part of the map that leads to the answers that really matter, the covert answers full of truth. This is why their teachings always lead to partial answers and more confusion. Those same societies have implemented those principals of exegesis (uncovering the language) because those are the principals, as a fact, that cause the masses to remain in the dark...and allow them to remain in control by propogating lies about Orgone Energy and other all-important issues.

Like Finding An Old MapBy using my proprietary research method (which took years to develop and was like finding an old yellowed map to an underground vault containing a wealth of ancient hidden knowledge), I have been able to solve many ancient riddles that have never been solved. As a result, I've also been able to provide real answers to the toughest questions, such as:

Who built the great pyramid and what does it mean to you?
What are UFO's and ORB's and where do they come from?
Where is the Ark of the Covenant and what does it have to do with your DNA?
Why is there such a struggle between the sexes among humans?
What did the Red Sea that Moses parted really symbolize?
What are the letters Y-H-W-H really hiding?
What really happened in the Garden in Eden that corrupted your genetics?
What popular fairy tale is based entirely on an untold story hidden within Genesis 2? What other popular fairy tale answers ancient hidden secrets about your DNA?
What secret items in the Bible are shrouded references to your genetics?
What is the significance of the theme of Red and Blue in old paintings and movies? What is the government not telling you about the important prophecy of the Fig Tree?
Why do these secrets have dire consequences for you and your Family?
What (and where) is the Abomination of Desolation, right now?
What was the ancient contract that was created that keeps you from knowing 'God'?
What secret kidnapping of a royal twin took place and separated you from heaven?
What are Lucifer's other names...and how can you spot her?
What prophecy foretelling the Last Days destruction, is taking place right now, unbeknownst to all Pastors, Theologians and Scholars? And many more!

The truth of these and many more ancient, all-important questions has come from many years of intense research and much sacrifice, but it has all been worth it, because I've been able to share the answers with thousands of people all around the world who know the quality of my work and seek me for viable answers to the toughest questions.

This is simply because I teach the truth and the truth is mentally staggering, kind of like a legal drug to ease the mind-numbing pain that is ever-present in a world built on lies; and the answer to what Orgone Energy truly is, is no different.

I Want You To Share In My Treasure

Share In My TreasureIf you truly want to know what Orgone Energy truly is, then put away your pre-conceived ideas, forget what you've learned up to this point and join me on a journey into uncharted waters toward the shores of truth.

Let my research be your soothing oasis in an arrid desert full of rhetoric, half-truths and lies. Download this ebook now and absorb the ramifications of what I present to you. I promise you that this ebook, Orgone Uncovered: The Truth About Orgone Energy From The Most Ancient Textswill equipped you with information about Orgone Energy that has never been released to the public before now, by anyone, and that it will truly boggle your mind. Step into the truth and finally get the answers you've sought.

 Orgone Uncovered By Dr. Scott McQuate

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Back in the 1950's, a Physician named Wilhelm Reich coined the phrase 'Orgone' energy and described it as the 'life force energy expressed as sexual energy'. He became interested in this field of study while he was a student of the famous Psychologist, Sigmund Freud. Freud had already developed the idea of 'Libidinal energy', the energy expressed from the ‘Libido’, a word he borrowed from the Latin, meaning ‘lust’ or ‘desire’ and described this energy as a 'Psychic field'. Reich simply expounded on this idea and through his research, discovered that this energy could also be measured with instruments such as the oscillograph. Orgone energy is literally a bio-electric 'sexual charge', which is simply a form of energy that is developed between two sexual partners. This energy increases from an individual only when the feelings they experience are 'pleasurable'. If the feeling is not pleasurable, then the 'Orgone' energy decreases. Pleasurable, sexual energy must be present, therefore, for a measurable amount of Orgone energy to be created. Unwitting individuals have become enamored with this energy over the last few decades, unaware of the force with which they are dabbling. Now you can learn, for the first time ever, the two mysterious, never-before-seen ancient terms that are inherent to Orgone Energy and why their meanings have been hidden from the masses for literally thousands of years. Discover  the real purpose of this energy, the true, stolen source from which it was derived, why secret societies worship it and why it was vehemently warned about by the Figure Jesus in concealed passages within the pages of the Bible. Download your copy now and learn the truth about the mysterious Orgone Energy that you will find nowhere else on the planet... guaranteed.

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